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The specified terms and conditions are the service standards for staying at the hotel and are binding standards for hotel guests.

- Reception hours: from 08:00 to 16:00. Guests who plan to arrive outside these hours will necessarily have to contact the hotel to inform them of the key collection system.

- Time of entry (check in): from 2:00 p.m.

- Departure time (check out): until 12:00 hours

- Check in requirements:

The client must be duly documented and must identify herself with her personal Identification Document or Passport at the time of Check-In. This rule is mandatory for all those over 16 years of age, based on the Order of the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain 1922/2003 of July 3, which establishes the record in books and entry part of Travelers in Establishments of Hostelry.

The client must notify the hotel in advance in the event that they want to request an Early Check-in. The hotel will respond to the request, informing the client of the possibility of making this early check-in the day before their arrival, taking into account the availability of the room and with a supplement of the amount of one night in the reserved rate. The Hotel reserves the right of Admission based on the Hotel's internal policy criteria.

- Check out requirements:

Hotel rooms must be used based on the number of nights reserved. Clients must inform the hotel staff if they wish to extend their stay in advance of the departure date. The hotel will attend to the request by informing the client of the possibility of making a late check out the day before their departure, provided that availability allows it and with a supplement of the amount of one night in the reserved rate.

In the event that the Client does not notify within the established period of the extension of their stay the cost of a reservation day according to the category of the room enjoyed.

- Cancellation policy:

To cancel free of charge, you will have to cancel the reservation with a maximum of 72 hours before the arrival date, from 48 hours before the arrival date the hotel will charge the amount corresponding to the first night and if the cancellation occurs with only 24 hours before the total amount of the stay will be charged. In the case of "non-refundable" bookings, cancellation at any time will incur the full cost of the booking.

Due to the current circumstances, the cancellation policy has been relaxed to be free of charge up to 24 hours before the day of arrival (except for non-refundable rates)

- No shows:

In the event that the client does not show up, the hotel will charge the total amount of the stay.

- Modification policy:

For any modification of your reservation, you must send your request by email to info@hotelsxvi.com

- Payment conditions:

Credit / debit cards Visa, Euro / Mastercard, JCB, Maestro are accepted in the name of the reservation holder and payment with cash. We need your credit card details only to guarantee your reservation. If you do not go to the hotel on the day of your arrival without having made a cancellation, the corresponding charge will be made.

- Children

Not allowed

- Extra beds:  

Not available

- Claims:

The Hotel will only attend to complaints that occur during the client's stay, after notifying the hotel management. Any claim submitted after the client's departure will not be addressed. All those complaints and suggestions must be transmitted to the Reception Staff, who have, for this purpose, the Claim Sheets, established by the Competent Authority of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, which may be completed by the client and delivered to said department .

- Additional services:

The Hotel offers services and benefits according to its category. The Hotel is obliged to provide its guests complying with: With the conditions for an appropriate stay without discomfort Safe stay, including security and confidentiality in the treatment of the client's personal information (LPD) DATA PROTECTION LAW Professional service policy according to the category of the Hotel

In any case, the Hotel can offer the following extra services at no additional cost:

- Tourist information

- Luggage custody (during reception hours)

- Responsibilities of the clients:

1. Children under 12 years of age must be constantly supervised by their parents or legal guardians during their stay at the hotel. Any damage caused by minors in the absence of said supervision will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, leaving the hotel exempt from any liability.

2. Clients will be responsible and will have to compensate the hotel for any damage caused to the Hotel's belongings, other clients or other visitors, including the damage caused to the image of the Hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to charge the customer's credit card once their stay is over with the cost of repairing such damage according to the price list established by the Hotel's Internal Policy.

3. In the event that a client breaches these Terms and Conditions, the Hotel may make use of its legitimate right of non-admission, in which case the client will be obliged to attend to the hotel's request, pay their account to date and abandon the installations. The hotel reserves the right to notify any incident to the competent Police Authorities.

4. In the event that the Client suffers (or is likely to suffer from) an infection or other disease or is in such conditions that it is (or could be) dangerous for the people who stay in the Hotel, the Supplier has right to terminate the Contract with immediate effect and force the Client to leave the Hotel immediately. In the event that the Client becomes ill during the period of use of the Services and is not able to act on his own, the Provider will offer him medical help. In the event of illness / death of the Client, the Service Provider may demand compensation from the family, heirs or the Paying Party for related expenses.

- Responsibilities of the hotel:

1. The Hotel must comply with the requirements established by Civil Liability contemplated in the Hotel Insurance.

2. The hotel is not responsible for all those valuables that are not kept in the safe in the room, enabled for this purpose.

- Standards of Conduct:

1. Pets are not allowed.

2. The hotel is smoke-free, smoking is prohibited in all its facilities. The Client will be responsible for maintaining the smoking ban in the room occupied by him. In the event that someone has smoked in the room occupied by the client or their signs are evident, the Client must pay a penalty for non-compliance with the rule.

3. The pool can be used from 10 am to 7 pm (subject to change depending on the weather, season of the year or celebration of events)

4. The Client must behave in the Hotel according to generally accepted good customs and the general rules of good customs and public order. The Client must especially:

- Properly use the facilities and furniture of the Hotel and maintain their conditions;

- Refrain from such behavior that is (or can be considered as such) intimidating, offensive, rude or scandalizing towards other Clients and Hotel staff;

- refrain from excessive consumption of alcohol (the level of which is dangerous to the Client's health, or may shock other people); and

- refrain from the consumption of other narcotic substances (for example, drugs).

- from 22:00 to 08:00, customers are requested to respect the quiet hours. Otherwise, the Management reserves the right to immediately cancel the customer's reservation without reimbursing it. If the Client breaches any of the provisions of this section on the Rules of Conduct, the Hotel has the right to terminate the Contract with immediate effect and force the Client to leave the premises immediately. The Client must compensate the damages caused by such behavior, authorizing the Hotel to charge for said damages on the credit / debit card provided by the Client or Paying Party.